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Construction support


Total Solutions Service and Maintenance

The demand for complete solutions for the implementation of a variety of activities in construction and installation technology is constantly on the rise. As a result, Bakels and Ouwerkerk Construction Group established the Department of Construction Support.

Customized Maintenance

Bakels and Ouwerkerk Construction Group is specialized in performing the most common service and maintenance jobs, as well as smaller construction and renovation projects. Our employees work independently as well as in partnership with specialized companies. As a result, we can attend to technical management on your behalf.


Clear Communication

We provide fast, adequate and thorough solutions for the maintenance or renovation of your real estate. The Construction Support team guarantees it. You will have one contact person who resolves your issues in the area of technical management. In this way, we can quickly and efficiently manage your maintenance requirements.

Would you like to know what Bakels & OUwerkerk Bouwgroep can do for your in terms of service and maintenance?

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