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Functional and Original Design

Bakels and Ouwerkerk Group produces designs for new construction, renovation, restoration, modernization and interior projects. We often collaborate with external architecture agencies during this process. Every project has its own dimensions and character. We make functional and original designs for every project.

Sustainable Design

We feel that, in addition to a unique design, buildings should be executed to offer plenty of perspective for its users in the future. The building should conform to the desires and demands of the customer, now as well as in the future. This requires a multifunctional and practical building, with a flexible layout.


3D Drawing

Our designers use advanced CAD programs. The program facilitates high quality design as early as the preliminary draft phase, which translates to time savings in the next phases of amplifying detail and technical drawings. Because the program uses 3D components, it is possible to display projects three-dimensionally very quickly, and present them in a highly realistic fashion. This provides excellent insight into the design.

Want to be inspired by one of our designs and designers?

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