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Westeinde The Hague

Bakels and Ouwerkerk construction group together with the Soest Haeghe I BV client signed a contract for The redevelopment of buildings to 16 rent apartments and 4 rent maisonette-houses  on the Westeinde in The Hague. ...

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Boekhorststraat The Hague

Bakels and Ouwerkerk Construction Group has received an order for the transformation of a former cinema into a unique concept....

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Lijsterbesstraat The Hague

The former observation home (school) for girls (1916) will be transformed into two duplex houses and 12 apartments. There will be various repairs carried out inside and outside and the rear area will be redeveloped. The property is located in the Heesterbuurt in The Hague....

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superloft appartments Delft

Bakels and Ouwerkerk Bouwgroep has received an order for the construction of a building,  consisting of 8 super-loft apartments and 1 loft super-house (detached) on a corner of the Graaf Floriskade in Delft. A few apartments are all-ready sold, the rest is on sale. ...

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Maziestraat The Hague

Bakels and Ouwerkerk Bouwgroep transforms the upper part of the existing store Bruynzeel Cuisines into three apartments. ...

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