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Topzeilcentrum – The Hague

In collaboration with architect Filip Man and NWA architects, Bakels and Ouwerkerk Construction group is working on the construction of Topzeilcentrum in The Hague....

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De Pier – Scheveningen

Bakels and Ouwerkerk Construction group has renovated in 2015 "The Pier", it was opened again to the public in July 2015. ...

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WTC Den Haag

To grow World Trade Centre The Hague until your business meeting place for The Hague, WTC has undergone a metamorphosis. ...

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Boekhorststraat The Hague

Bakels and Ouwerkerk Construction Group has received an order for the transformation of a former cinema into a unique concept....

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“Nieuw Eykenduynen” The Hague

Bakels and Ouwerkerk BV starts with the construction of a funeral building on the site of cemetery / crematorium "New Eykenduynen" Kamperfoeliestraat 2A in The Hague. ...

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