De 12 van Maarsbergen - Bakels en Ouwerkerk Bouwgroep
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De 12 van Maarsbergen


New Development in The Hague. De 12 van Maarsbergen is a new development of twelve family houses in the Maarsbergenstraat in The Hague. In the building of a former school, it will soon live pleasant in lovely The Hague. Architect Filip Mens has made the designs. The location is around the corner from the South Park, located in Escamp in Leyenburg district, a spacious street with great attention to landscaping and wide sidewalks. The district is well served and by creating additional street parking available for cars, it will be a great place to live. The Hague Central Station and Kijkduin are both 30 minutes away by tram.
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Architectenbureau Filip Mens


The Hague

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