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Project development


Project Development

Bakels and Ouwerkerk Project Development develops projects at its own expense and risk, collaborates with third parties, and develops projects for owners/users. Because of close collaboration with other disciplines in the Construction Group, the Department of Project Design is able to quickly present an efficient design within parameters determined in advance. If you are open to the idea, we will think along with you for the course of the entire process, and offer advice.

Market Knowledge

As a Development Corporation, we aim for “acceptable risk”. In the fields of technology, market knowledge, creativity and innovation, we operate at a high level throughout the entire Construction Group. This means we can make fairly accurate estimates as to how to keep risks to a minimum. We always deliver the desired results.


Own Development

Because of the increasing demand for fully developed real estate locations, the Department of Residential Real Estate Development was established in 2003. The Development Corporation is a full sister company of Bakels and Ouwerkerk Construction Group. The companies operate in the real estate market in partnership, but also separately.

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